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My First Xamarin HoloLense app

Xamarin ❤️ HoloLens: My First HoloLens app

At 4DotNet we are in the proud possession of not one, but two HoloLenses! This week I got to grab one and play with it for a little while. After gaping at the incredible...

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo – Implementing Xamarin.Forms SearchBar

Xamarin.Forms gives you a component called the SearchBar, by default. Like you would expect, this gives you a simple text edit box which is specifically designed to serve in search operations. To show you...

Hercules Karate Kid reference

Xamarin.Forms: from zero to hero – part 2

In my previous post I have covered the basics of starting with Xamarin, more specific Xamarin.Forms. There I have described that my first app would be a business app for the company I work for....